Saturday, March 08, 2014

Oh! to know God’s will!

Learning to know God’s will for us in any particular situation... 

The Lord has been shedding some light into my heart on this today. While we may cry out to Him and express our DEEP desire to know His will and follow it, we don’t have to “beg” him to lead us; we only have to trust Him and keep our desires towards Him. We don’t have to try and “figure out” what that will is…He will GLADLY show us and give us what it takes to follow Him.

Can you imagine the “Good Shepherd” leaving his sheep alone and not guiding them? Can you picture a sheep going up to the “Good Shepherd” and begging him to lead them? Can you imagine the sheep needing to know all the reasons why the “Good Shepherd” is leading them in such a way, needing to know all the dangers that lay ahead in order to follow Him? No, I can’t picture that, but I can picture the Good Shepherd being pleased with the sheep that are always looking to Him and trusting in His guidance and quickly moving as He directs…because He WILL direct.

The Lord will place His guidance into our hearts and will arrange situation for us…but however He chooses to make His will known…He WILL cause us to follow Him IF that is our hearts desire.