Audio Book: The Writings of Isaac Peningion, Volume 1
Read by Jason Henderson.  A total of 16 Chapters will be posted as they become available. Complete PDF book here.

Jason Henderson
More of Jason's audio teachings can be found at Market Street Fellowship.

Staying Within Your Measure of Light 

Authentic Christianity - Steve Bray

These eight audio lessons by Steve Bray are powerful messages on being transformed into the image of Christ. They are intended to be followed in order; however, each is singularly a good lesson. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you as you listen to them and be blessed.

Lesson 1: The Cost of Discipleship

Lesson 2: Following Jesus

Lesson 3: Life Changing Faith

Lesson 4: The Working of Grace

Lesson 5: The Purpose of Baptism

Lesson 6: Going on to Perfection

Lesson 7: The Kingdom of God

Lesson 8: Walking in the Spirit
More Audio Teachings by Steve Bray
(Reading material by Steve Bray can be found at Authentic Christianity)

Zac Poonen - The Last Days And The Lord’s Coming

This is a series of ten messages spoken by Zac Poonen at Christian Fellowship Church, Bangalore, India.

Ian Thomas

Description: Where in the life of Christ was one hour of more significance than another? Throughout the New Testament we read of occasions when Jesus' enemies tried to kill him, but were prevented because "His hour had not yet come." What is this "hour" of which the Scriptures speak? Major Ian Thomas says, "It is the hour without which the Lord Jesus would have been born to live in vain." He uses John 12:24, in several translations, to describe the hour on which our salvation rests.

Description: Major Thomas ask the question, “What saves us, Christ’s death or life?” Very understandable explanations of salvation, justification, sanctification and reconciliation . We are trying to show the world what the church can do for Christ…instead of what Christ can do through the church.